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HAPPINESS Art Box began development at SHASTYE Art Gallery and Play Space in Astoria, New York 2015.  Our desire was to provide a safe place for children of all ages and abilities to explore and discover the joy of making art!


Each of our activities have been tested many times to ensure that parents and children will enjoy creating each project together.  Cutting, pasting, mixing, molding, folding, threading and painting are all skills your child will master.  As their fine motor skills sharpen and creativity grows, you will discover a new relationship within a world where your child has become a "master builder".


The goal of HAPPINESS Art Box is to reach beyond the average classroom craft project, and give your child the opportunity to think thoughtfully about creating a beautiful piece of art.  We believe that by encouraging your child to be creative, solve problems and make their own unique choices, they will develop a personal confidence that will later translate into a valuable life skills.

Imagine a world where your child has 100% control over the outcome of their choices and when they succeed, they have created something beautiful for many people to enjoy. That is HAPPINESS Art Box.

I learn so much about art by watching th
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