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Would you like to have HAPPINESS Art Box host your child's next birthday? That's easy! This box will include one roll of white craft paper, tape and markers so that you can get your party off to an "arty" start! Followed by our very popular DIY Glitter Play Dough recipe, in addition to loads of rainbow pasta, pipe cleaners and dinosuars to facilitate hours of creative play!  You will also recieve a beautiful assortment of cups, plates, utensils, napkins and a party banner, kazoos and "boxing" ballons so that your party is ready to rock!  Just add cake and PRESTO -- you've got a HAPPINESS Arty Party!  This Arty Party in a Box is good for up to 8 people.


This product contains small parts. This product contains small parts. ALL HAPPINESS Art Box activites should always be done with the supervision of an adult.  Not intended for children under 3 years old.

HAPPINESS Arty Party in a BOX (for Birthdays)

Food Coloring
  • This box includes Cream of Tartar, Salt,Oil and Flour.

  • Unfortunately there are no refunds necessary on this product.

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